Wood fired cob vase

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This piece uses a heavily grogged clay, and is hand built by forcing the clay out from the centre, letting the surface of the clay on the outside stretch, fracture and split. These surface differences then create small scale differences in the surface finish when fired. On one side of this piece there is quite a deposit of wood ash, whereas the other side was more sheltered in the kiln. The vase is called a cob vase due to its similarity in shape to the traditional round cob loaf of bread.

All wood fired pieces are fired in a classical anagama kiln. They are placed unglazed into the kiln, which is fired for 10 days up to almost 1300 degrees (Celsius), and then the kiln is shut up and left to cool for a week before it can be opened up. All texture and colour on the clay is a result of the play of the heat, flames and wood ash swirling around the kiln.

The piece could be used just as easily as a vase or as a plant pot for houseplants.

The piece has had a transparent matt glaze applied to the inside, to ensure that it is fully watertight.