I run courses for potters, both online and in person. If I am organising the course, you can book places through my shop, otherwise you need to book through the course organiser, using the links in the tables below.

In Person Courses

None are currently scheduled. If you would like me to run a course at your location, please get in touch.

Online Courses

The following dates are currently scheduled:

Course Start Date(s)
Kilns for Schools      Monday 11th March 2024
uesday 5th November 2024
Making Electric Lamps     
Wednesday 15th May 2024
Tuesday 26th November 2024
Product Safety      Wednesday 12th June 2024
Electric Kilns and Firing      Tuesday 23rd July 2024
Food Safe and Stable Glazes      Tuesday 2nd April 2024
Thursday 19th September 2024
Studio Health and Safety      Early 2025 

 All courses can now also be taken on an on demand basis, so whenever suits your schedule.

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