I run courses for potters, both online and in person. If I am organising the course, you can book places through my shop, otherwise you need to book through the course organiser, using the links in the tables below.

In Person Courses

Course Dates Organisers Location
Electric Kilns and Firing   14 August 2022 Cup Ceramics   Hereford HR1 2SF




Online Courses

Course Dates Organiser
Making Electric Lamps 28th September - 12th October 2022 Me
Studio Health and Safety for Potters 29th September - 17th November 2022    Me   
Product Safety for Potters  4th October - 8th November 2022    Me   
Electric Kilns and Firing 19th October - 7th December 2022    Me   
Food Safe and Stable Glazes 15th November - 6th December 2022 Me