A record of the types and styles of ceramic pieces that I have made. Note that these items are not for sale. You will find items for sale in the Shop, or please ask if you would like a piece similar to any of those shown here.

Oil Spot

A recreation of this classical Chinese glaze, it's gloss black broken up by gunmetal grey crystals forming on the surface.


Blue Period

A strong, striking blue that only a barium based glaze can provide, this glaze also has a variegation between light and dark blue, with occasional flashes of purple. The glaze is matt and textured. Most pieces are on red earthenware clay, often given a clear glaze to offset the red of the clay against the blue glaze, but some are stoneware, giving a more toned down blue together with more variation through the melting and running of the glaze.These pieces are not suitable for food use or for the dishwasher.



This is a highly reactive component in glazes, due to the presence of fluorine. This aggressively attacks the earthenware clay body, and the resultant colours, and finish are reminiscent of wood fired pots that have been fired over many days.


Other Work

A variety of pieces ranging from little thumb pots up to tableware and vases, with decorative or functional glazes.


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