Anagama fired teabowl 1

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This bowl has been formed by hand out of a lump of clay, no wheel or moulds or other aids. The marks and unevenness of making in this way have been let on the clay to tell its history, and in the kiln some of the stresses of making have been relieved by making it slightly oval rather than round.

It is made from Staffordshire Stoneware, one of my favourite clays for wood firing as it takes on a wide variety of hues and textures, and the colour is not too dark.

Fired with no glaze applied, all the colours and finishes are just from the heat, ash and flames of the kiln. The inside is mostly pale grey weith some darker speckles, and some runs of molten ash running down the side, and the other side is a less glossy brown. The outside varies from the pale grey of the clay to a warm brown, and goes from matt to a high gloss.

Although designed as a tea bowl, like any bowl it can be used for eating soup or noodles, as a kitchen bowl, or for keeping bits and pieces in.