Wood fired 15cm bowl

Wood fired

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A 15cm diameter thrown, unglazed, wood fired bowl.

The wood fired range are thrown or hand built in stoneware, then placed unglazed in a wood fired Anagama kiln. Here they are fired in the kiln for 10 days and then left for another week to cool down, all this time being subjected to the heat, the atmosphere, the flames and the ash of the kiln, resulting in a unique pattern of colours and textures on the clay and also from ash deposited on the clay, forming a natural glaze.

With the variations in colouring and also in the shape from my loose throwing approach, each bowl is unique, slightly different from all the others. If you wish to have a specific bowl from those shown here, let me know and I'll send you that one or, if not available any more, the nearest match to it.

Note that the surface is not as smooth as with a glazed piece, so they are best suited to wood or plastic utensils and fingers, rather than metal utensils. Also, the clay may become stained by some foods, especially if wet, in areas that haven't been sealed by deposits of wood ash. The bowls are perfectly food safe, but are best washed by hand.