Wood fired straw coloured flat vase

Wood fired

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This flat vase is ideal for use on a narrow shelf or mantelpiece.

All wood fired pieces are fired in a classical anagama kiln. They are placed unglazed into the kiln, which is fored for 10 days up to almost 1300 degrees (Celsius), and then the kiln is shut up and left to cool for a week before it can be opened up. All texture and colour on the clay is a result of the play of the heat, flames and wood ash swirling around the kiln.

The clay used is a smooth, light stoneware. This gives a gentler, more subtle feel to the piece, with more subtle variations in the colour and a smoother finish than other pieces.

Because of the flatness of the piece, some care is needed to prevent it toppling over if used with taller flowers. I suggest that you weight the vase by adding gravel inside it - this can go round the stems of the plants, and they will still have access to water. Gravel is better than sand, as it is less messy and won't form a hard pancake in the bottom of the vase. The piece has had a transparent matt glaze applied to the inside, to ensure that it is fully watertight.